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Is competition necessary in the learning process?



“There is no limit to learning, it is not age defined, breaking the hurdles of learning and excelling in them with grace is all that matters."
Our qualified and experienced faculty offers personalized, one-on-one assistance to each individual to cope up with the present world requirements may it be learning a new foreign language or becoming pro in computer or excelling in areas for fulfilling job requirements. They work individually with each candidate to provide the undivided attention he or she needs to not only master, but to develop a lasting ability to solve problems on his or her own.

Courses offered

Spoken English for Adults
Learning foreign languages
Basic Computers skills
Advanced computer courses- Java,C++,Visual Basics etc.

Program Features

Undivided attention
Individually targeted instructions
Extensive targeted worksheets.
Comprehensive practice tests
Constant feedback from teachers to individual about progress.

Our Approach

Every learner learns in his or her own pace, so each lesson moves around each individuals need and ability to grasp the concept. Establishing the rapport and understanding the needs of individuals lessons are fully customized to their requirements. Topics taught are reinforced and revisited in the coming sessions along with worksheets for practice.