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What is Genius Learners?
Genius Learners is a scientific and research based assessment, learning and practice program for children in KG through12th Class. A unique feature of the program is that it finds the right skill level for a child and enables learning at this level. Powerful reports track the amount of time spent on learning, the current skill level and the areas of difficulty for each child.
What are Genius Learners online courses?
Genius Learners online courses are courses that students take entirely on the web. Students who enroll for online courses can be located anywhere - in any city, state, country or any continent.
Why should I consider Genius Learners Web-Based training?
Whether you are training a small group of students/learners/employees at a single location or thousands of users spread worldwide, users have easy access to anywhere/anytime training, from home or work, day or night. Web-based training can be just as effective as classroom training, and take half the time to complete at a fraction of the price.
What makes Genius Learners Web-based training courses more effective?
The material offered are easy to read, current, and accurate. They are presented in a format specifically designed for self-paced learning on the Web, with interactive exercises, interesting graphics, and an opportunity for students/learners to ask questions. Exams are offered to gauge the effectiveness of a student's understanding of course material.
What are the advantages of Genius Learners Web-based training?
One of the major advantages of Genius Learners Web-based training is the costs savings over traditional classroom/tutorial training. Traditional training methods typically involve travel and time off from work, both costly components for students/parents/tutors . Other Web-based training advantages include: • Examples and illustrations • Accurate, up-to-date, and timely content • Interactivity • Assessment with immediate feedback • Automated record keeping.
How does Genius Learners work?
1) It all starts with an Initial Assessment test in each lesson to determine learner's learning level 2) New concepts are introduced as current topics are mastered 3) Learners practice exercises based on the example provided modeled after the example 4) Each exercise is more challenging than the previous one 5) There are tutorials for difficult topics 6) Learners' progress is based on lesson mastery and speed 7) Child responses are immediately tracked and feedback given