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“We learn to recognize our strengths and weaknesses, and revamp to excel in them. We work to align our lives with the gifts we were born with, and cultivate them. This is a process of finding the best place within the world.”
With diagnostic testing and personalized learning programs, learners get precisely the help they need. They learn at their own pace individually targeted instructions with one to one expert faculties. This program helps in understanding tough subject concepts, completing homework assignments, studying for a quizzes, test or exam review. Our programs pair learners with an Academic Councilor to develop customized, one to one learning programs to build on the learner’s strengths and improve on their weaknesses.

Courses offered

Math Fundamentals
Elementary tutoring- 1- 5
Middle grade tutoring- 6 - 8
Senior grade tutoring-9-10
Upper Senior grade tutoring-11-12
Advanced Mathematics
Algebra I
Algebra II
Environmental Science
Language Arts
Reading/ Writing

Program Features

Undivided attention
Individually Targeted Instructions
Extensive targeted worksheets
Comprehensive practice tests
Quick review of topics on demand for tests quizzes
Constant feedback from faculties and counselors about progress

Our Approach

Focused learning: We assign qualified faculties to work with your child. All of our faculties hold jobs in various public schools.
Customized curriculum and sessions: We customize curriculum and session to meet your child’s academic goals, learning ability and style.
Homework assignment: After each session learners get a practice sheet that helps them to materialize the concept learned.
One to One Learning: Our service is delivered one on one using user-friendly Web Interface.
An approach that works: Customized curriculum and personal attention by educators creates an inspiring and motivating learning experience that help learners to achieve academic success.
Positive Reinforcement: Positive attitude is a tool to reinforce good behavior; it builds self-esteem, inspires confidence, and motivates learners.