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Is competition necessary in the learning process?


Test preparation

“Even if you’re not a genius, you can use the strategies to harness your inner learning power of mind and have the concepts straight for better management of your future.”
Our qualified and experienced faculties offers personalized, one to one assessment across local, district, state and national levels to learners seeking a comprehensive program. They work individually with each student to provide the undivided attention s/he needs to not only master test-taking skills, but to develop a lasting ability to solve problems on his or her own.

Courses offered

Integrated Programs for IIT, Engineering and Medical entrances

Program Features

Undivided attention
individually targeted instructions
Extensive targeted worksheets.
Comprehensive practice tests
Constant feedback from teachers to parents about progress.

New approaches to crack the desired result

See/Look/Observe at problems in many different ways.
Visualize/Utilize diagrams and imaginary methods to analyze questions.
Relate/Make relations between different topics.
Opposite/think in opposites. Instead of solving use substutions.
Failure/Learning from your mistakes is one example of using failure.
Patience/don’t confuse inspiration with ideas.
Produce/Genius is productive