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Is competition necessary in the learning process?



“It’s never too late to catch up with what you have lost and it is never too harsh to prepare yourself for the success in the coming school year”.
Studies show that vacation break has severe negative impact on learning skills on mathematics compared to other subjects. On an average a student, require more than a month of additional instruction to cover-up the losses. Studies also revealed that vacation programs focusing on remedial, accelerated, or enriched learning had a positive impact on the knowledge and skills of participants. A few hours a week is all it takes to keep a student focused on academics or help them master a difficult subject or skill they may have struggled with the preceding year. It is especially helpful for the young learners in setting the foundation for continued success in years to come. We endeavor in at improving your son or daughter’s math skills at summer/winter camps, and giving them a fun and enriching experience.

Courses offered

Discrete mathematics
Reading and comprehension

Program Features

Undivided attention
Individually targeted instructions
Extensive targeted worksheets.
Comprehensive practice tests
Constant feedback from teachers to parents about progress.

Approaches to crack the desired result

See/Look/Observe at problems in many different ways.
Visualize/Utilize diagrams and imaginary methods to analyze questions.
Relate/Make relations between different topics.
Opposite/ Think in opposites. Instead of solving use substutions.
Failure/Learning from your mistakes is one example of using failure.
Patience/don’t confuse inspiration with ideas.
Produce/Genius is productive.